Social Responsibility

Bouquet Collection firmly believes in implementing environmental practices which guarantee the highest responsibility towards our planet, such as:
· Preservation of land and water
· Good livelihood to our employees
· Proper care and handling of flowers
· Protection of biodiversity and wildlife

We are fond of nature and respect it by applying eco-friendly measures including recycling, through which we aim to promote sustainability for our planet and help our environment.

Our Farms Certifications


Florverde® Sustainable Flowers builds on more than fifteen years of experience in developing, promoting and implementing responsible codes of conduct, standards, and sustainable agricultural practices. Today, Florverde® Sustainable Flowers is an independent social and environmental standard for the flower sector that is backed by a strong team of agronomists, social workers and other professionals.

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At the heart of the Rainforest Alliance’s approach is the understanding that the health of the land is inextricably connected to the wellbeing of those who depend on it for their livelihoods. Our approach includes training and certification to promote healthy ecosystems and communities in some of the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems.

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